ECON 4494W — Assignment 6

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Our next (and final) speaker, Jorge Agüero, will continue the theme of David Simon's presentation. David considered the effect of prenatal and early life experiences on children in the United States. Jorge will talk about those issues in the context of developing countries and will consider the effects of experiences later in childhood as well. Your job is to think about these issues and to craft an argument about whether and how poverty in developing countries affects health differently than does poverty in the developed world. Are different kinds of policy interventions called for in the developing world?

In addition to the material from David's talk, you might want to consult the following:

Grantham-McGregor, Sally, Yin Bun Cheung, Santiago Cueto, Paul Glewwe, Linda Richter, and Barbara Strupp. 2007. "Developmental Potential in the First Five Years for Children in Developing Countries," The Lancet 369 (9555): 60-70 (6-12 January).

Gertler, Paul, James Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto, Arianna Zanolini, Christel Vermeersch, Susan Walker, Susan M. Chang, and Sally Grantham-McGregor. 2014. "Labor Market Returns to an Early Childhood Stimulation Intervention in Jamaica," Science 344(6187): 998-1001 (30 May).

Due: April 26.