ECON 4494W — Assignment 4

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Our next speaker is Kathy Segerson, who will talk about the economics of energy use.

A variety of government policies -- taxes, cap-and-trade systems, efficiency stadards, and others -- aim to reduce the use of energy. But which policies work best? What does economics have to say about that? Your paper should select one type of policy and make an argument (using economic reasoning) for why that policy is best.

Here are a couple of references to get you started answering these questions.:

Kenneth Gillingham, Richard Newell, and Karen Palmer, "Energy Efficiency Policies: A Retrospective Examination," Annual Review of Environment and Resources 31: 161-92 (2006).

Kenneth Gillingham and Karen Palmer, "Bridging the Energy Efficiency Gap: Policy Insights from Economic Theory and Empirical Evidence," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 8(1): 18–38 (2014).

William D. Nordhaus, "To Tax or Not to Tax: Alternative Approaches to Slowing Global Warming," Review of Environmental Economics & Policy 1(1): 26-44 (2007).

Feel free to look for other material. But, as always, don't get bogged down in research and keep focus on an argument.