Scholarly Articles

Articles published or in press.

Book reviews ans shorter pieces.

  • "Comment on 'Technological Revolutions and the Evolution of Industrial Structures' (by Giovanni Dosi, Alfonso Gambardella, Marco Grazzi, and Luigi Orsenigo)," Capitalism and Society 3(2): Article 7 (2008).
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  • Comment on  ‘Group Selection and Methodological Individualism: Compatible and Complementary’ by Douglas Glen Whitman,” Advances in Austrian Economics 7:261-265 (2004).
  • Entry on the computer industry for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History (Joel Mokyr, editor), 2003.
  • "Strategy and the Market Process: Introduction to the Special Issue," Managerial and Decision Economics 22: 163-168 (2001), special issue on "Strategy and the Market Process" (R. N. Langlois, guest editor).
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  • Book Review of The Fatal Conceit: the Errors of Socialism by F. A. Hayek, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 13: 259-262 (1990).
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  • Eighteen book reviews in eleven different journals, including Journal of Economic Literature (5), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (3), The Public Interest (2), Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Economic History, Business History Review, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Economics and Philosophy, Constitutional Political Economy, Managerial and Decision Economics, and Public Choice.